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Rocky Sondhi

Rocky Sondhi began martial arts training in 1976. He has studied pak lei hung kung fu, shotokan karate and spent the last ten years studying boxing and elements of JKD. Currently, he is spending considerable time understanding coaching boxing and also yoga.

Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thompson began boxing in 1974, having had 69 contests and then retiring through injury. His coaching career kicked off in 1981 and has become Nottingham’s only senior ABA coach, since 1985. He has worked extensively, and is still involved, with Brendan Ingle’s stable in Sheffield. Boxers he has worked with include Johnny Nelson (WBO World Cruiser-weight champion), Fidel Castro (ex- British Super Middle weight champion) and Prince Naseem Hamed.

Since 2000, Tommy has been heavily involved with martial artists, teaching concepts of the arts through the principles of boxing. He has been working with the Winsper brothers, Jon Jepson and team, and Krishna Godhania.

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